Triptych NEIPA

New England Style IPA triple dry hopped with experimental cryo blend hops & Idaho7 hops.

Artist Showcase:  T. Sean Johnston @fullsteam


Born in Frederick, MD, T. Sean Johnston has been painting professionally since 1997. His work depicts people and animals in emotive narratives.

Johnston says, “Motion and emotion are relative concepts. When you view a piece of work, and you can see there is motion in the image, this creates a visceral or primal gut feeling.

Johnston does not strive to create precisely accurate representation of his subjects. Rather, he studies images of animals he wishes to depict, but does not refer to reference materials when creating the actual works. He is primarily interested in the flaws that manifest as a result of gaps between his memory and the initial research. The act of repetition in painting or illustrating the animals from memory becomes a meditative act.


“My work is a function of my subconscious. I’m channeling the subject matter without being an active participant in the process.I let a painting unfold, rather than setting out to create a specific piece. When I view a completed work, I’m seeing it from the same outside lens that others see,” he says.


Today Johnston resides in Richmond, VA, and has participated in the G40 Summit, the Richmond Street Art Festival, Artomatic. His work has been shown in several galleries and venues in the DC Metro area.